Data for doctors?

If there was one topic in the medical curriculum that you wish you could remove what would that topic be? I came across this question not too long ago. A very common answer was (unsurprisingly) – biostatistics.  Many believe that this time could be used to learn other useful things. I can see where that … Continue reading Data for doctors?

Rational Medicine!

The social determinants of health – too much idealism? Somewhere in the pages of Community Medicine, every medical student has learnt about the “Social Determinants” of health. Health does depend on various factors like the conditions where a person lives, how much he can afford to spend on health, education, food, etc. If the person … Continue reading Rational Medicine!

The “practice” of medicine!

Medical students who finish their last round of undergraduate medical exams face a strange mix of happiness and anxiety. Happiness because they have finished the exam and are now almost certified as doctors, anxious because they don’t feel like they know enough to manage complex cases independently. Medical students don’t seem to know enough of … Continue reading The “practice” of medicine!

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